English Medium Co-Educational Sr.Sec.School, affiliated with CBSE
Past Performance

The school was inaugurated on September 18, 2004. It has gained good reputation in the area by maintaining exemplary standards in academics and other activities. It is recognized by the Govt.of NCT, Delhi, CBSE Affiliated and ISO 9001:2008 certified. The curriculum is kept open to changes for constant improvement. It is based on the NCERT guidelines and students are being prepared for the CBSE examination.

The approach is not to stuff students with knowledge but rather to equip them with the right tools for acquiring knowledge. Coming closer to the child generates interest in learning and students are prepared to think and take decisions. For this, ample mental stimulation is given by encouraging students to read, experiment, research, and observe.

Development of self expression is undertaken through dance, theatre, music, art and craft, clay work and sports etc. Skill development is given importance. Clubs have been designed so students can undertake socially useful productive work. Field trips are integrated into the curriculum and global exposures with roots firmly grounded in Indian values are being provided.

Board exam results
Batch Class X
First Batch 2008-2009 100% result
Second Batch 2009-2010 100% result
Third Batch 2010-2011 100% result
Fourth Batch 2011-2012 100% result
Fifth Batch 2012-2013 100% result
Batch Class XII
First Batch 2010-2011 100% result
Second Batch 2011-2012 100% result
Third Batch 2012-2013 100% result