English Medium Co-Educational Sr.Sec.School, affiliated with CBSE
Lower Primary

A rich, challenging and stimulating programme is designed to create an enthusiasm for learning as a life-long process. Essential knowledge, skills and attitudes are provided to make a firm foundation for an inquiry -based programme.

The lower Primary school provides a rich, challenging and stimulating programme so that students develop a deep interest in learning. A strong foundation of knowledge, skills and attitudes is provided. In class V students are prepared so their entry into the next level is smooth and continuity is maintained.

Languages, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge, Computer Science, Life Formation, Physical & Health Education, Dance, Music and Theatre along with Art & Craft and Hobby Clubs are taught. Field Trips that are educational and enable hands- on learning are planned in coordination with the lessons. Our programme is designed so that children get a hands-on, activity based and child-centered environment that takes ahead the foundations built upon in the Pre-Primary years of school. Learning is a social activity and children are naturally curious.

Our programme capitalizes on these natural dispositions by providing activities that can absorb the learning enthusiasm of children and make them committed and confident. Teachers encourage children to work in groups and pairs.