English Medium Co-Educational School, affiliated with CBSE


Boys(Summer) Boys (Winter)
Check Shirt Bottle Green Woollen, Shirt
Cream Dungarees Red Checked Dungries
Fawn Socks Bottle Green Woolen Socks
Black Velcro Shoes Black Velcro Shoes
  Green Sweater
  Red Jacket
Girls (Summer) Girls (Winter)
Check  Shirt Bottle Green Woollen Shirt
Cream Dungarees Red Check Dungris
Fawn Socks Bottle Green Woolen Socks
Black Buckle Shoes Black Buckel Shoes
Bottel Green Hair Bands/Ribbons Bottle Green Hair Bands/ Ribbons
  Green Sweater, Red Jacket


Boys(Summer) Boys (Winter)
Fawn Shorts Bottle Green Trousers
Light Green Shirt Light Green Full Shirt
Fawn Socks Green Socks,Green Sweater
Black Lace Shoes Black Lace Shoes
White Sports Dress White Canvas Shoes,Belt, Tie
White Canvas Shoes,Belt Bottle Green Blazer,Track Suit
Girls (Summer) Girls (Winter)
Fawn Divided Skirt Bottle Green Trousers
Light Green Shirt Light Green Shirts
Fawn Socks Green Socks
Black Buckle Shoes Green Sweater
White Sports Dress Bottle Green Hair Band/ Ribbon
Bottle Green/ white hair Band Black Buckel Shoes
White Canvas Shoes,Belt White Canvas Shoes,Belt,Tie
  Bottle Green Blazer,Track Suit


It is compulsory for boys to wear a plain white vest at all times. Girls to wear short inners. No accessories of any kind like bracelets, earings, chains rings etc. are permissible. Hair must be short for boys. Girls to braid long hair tied with green bands.

Children should be dressed neatly and tidily to school everyday. Shoes should be polished and nails clipped short.