English Medium Co-Educational Sr.Sec.School, affiliated with CBSE
Early Years

These are the foundation years wherein the child grows rapidly both physically and emotionally. Children of this age group (3 to 5 years) need an entirely different approach for the optimum development of their faculties. At this stage, an activity enriched programme will bring about all round development of the children. In fact, it is through activities alone that such a programme can be delivered. So, it is important to define the purpose/ goal and to select corresponding activities to reach it.

The child is interacting in an adult supported, non-competitive, stimulating and secure classroom environment. The programme is designed so children acquire skills, tap own potential creativity and learn to make meaningful choices and undertake responsibilities.

Our approach is learner oriented and the teacher is an observer and a guide. Core subjects (from oral to written) such as the ( English and Hindi), Arts, Arithmetic and Environmental Science comprise the learning system. In addition, the programme offers Physical Education (LeapStart, Yoga, Taekwondo, Skating, Fun Games, etc.), Dance and Music, Art, Theatre and Personality Development using 3D lab, Computer Lab, English Communication, Reading and Story- telling. Skills that will enable them to solve problems, work co┬Čoperatively and to achieve academic excellence ultimately are acquired.


  • To develop social etiquettes and sense of personal safety.

  • To develop a happy and positive learning attitude.

  • To become self- confident.

  • To develop the larger and the finer muscles and their coordination.

  • To develop a sense of respect for using the resources efficiently.

  • To develop creativity and a desire to express.

  • To acquire computing skills.

  • To be able to nurture a natural curiosity towards learning.

  • To trust, accept and respect others and their property.

  • To respect Indian culture and uphold Indian values.