English Medium Co-Educational Sr.Sec.School, affiliated with CBSE
Our Curriculum

The curriculum has been prepared with great concern so that each student's potential is realized. It does not burden the child, rather it makes learning enjoyable. It is based on the NCERT guidelines and students are prepared for CBSE examination. Each child is considered to be unique and the commitment is to give a creative environment that is activity based and is close to real life. Emphasis is on observation and experimentation with the use of medium and techniques that children enjoy. The approach is to equip the students with the right tools to acquire knowledge and not simply to stuff them with information.

SNEH International School follows an educational system based on the 10+2 pattern of instruction under the CBSE. The school system comprises of the pre-primary(nursery and kindergarten), lower primary (class I-V), upper primary (Class VI-VIII) and the senior school (Class IX-XII) .

The system constitutes of 14 years of schooling, starting with a year of Nursery followed by one year of preparatory class and finally a total of 12 years of Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary schooling. At the end of 12 years, students take the A.I.S.S.E. (Class X Examination), followed by A.I.S.S.C.E. (Class XII Examination).