English Medium Co-Educational Sr.Sec.School, affiliated with CBSE
Chairman's Message



SNEH International School has carved out a niche for itself inEast Delhi for its academic excellence. With in a very short span of time, having just completed 10 years, the school has made a mark in the field of education with an excellent academic record. This prestigious position has been achieved due to the dedicated efforts and professionalism of the school faculty and the students. The added infrastructure of the school will further facilitate a conducive environment for all round development and it is also my cherished dream that the school nurtures the potential of each child, through various harmonized activities which are being conducted in the school.

Academics is the backbone of any Educational Institution, therefore every possible efforts is made to prepare the young minds to become world leaders of tomorrow in whatever career they choose and contribute positively towards self, family, society, nation and the entire world.

Our continuous and sincere efforts encourage the students to develop communication skills and to groom their personality which enables them to stand out with their heads held high in the world outside and face with courage and confidence the challenges that confront them in their areas of learning.

At the outset of the new session, I request all parents to gift their children with their "time" as that by far will be the best present. I again emphasise on the importance of their presence rather than their presents. I also wish to sensitize the parents to not burden the children with their own patronizing ambitions and longings.

I also appeal to the teachers to focus on each and every child, monitor and mentor them, appreciate their achievement and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings and to create appropriate, meaningful and participative learning situations.

My sincere appreciation to the Director, Principal, staff and students, whose hard work, sincerity and dedication has brought the school to new heights. I am also thankful to the parents, whose continuous support and help has made this mission a great success.


“Building on the triad of Student-Teacher-Parent relationship,

SIS will support, challenges and opportunities,

and instill the necessary knowledge,

to enable students to reach their highest potential

in school, career and citizenship”

We look forward to working together to fulfill the Vision & Mission of the School.

Wishing all the students the very best for the new academic session 2015 - 16.