English Medium Co-Educational Sr.Sec.School, affiliated with CBSE
Art, Craft & Clay Modelling

Art & Craft

Art helps children to express their feelings and thoughts in a non-literal way. In our "Art Studio" we teach children how they can express, communicate, explore and imagine with the help of colors and figures. It strengthens students’ problem solving, critical thinking skills, adding to overall academic achievement.

In the same way, art and craft classes develop students’ cognitive and motor skills. We teach students origami, quilling, craft punch, pot decoration, flower making, best out of waste etc. The students are given liberty to work on their own choice of topic and theme, so that they can express their feelings and idea in a better way.

Across the school, students have art as an essential discipline and Primary, Junior and Senior schools have dedicated art spaces that are buzzing with energy and creativity.

Clay Modelling

Clay Modeling is the process of moulding soft material to create a three dimensional form. Clay is the most frequently material used for modeling

Children love to work with their hands and they are naturally creative and imaginative which helps to enrich their vision and enables them to appreciate and develop an aesthetic sense to enjoy three dimensional forms. Children sharpen their observation skills through study of common objects and various geometrical and non- geometrical forms found in life and around nature. It enhances their creativity and skills such as flexibility of their fingers. Children love to shape different objects by using the potter’s wheel.

We have a studio for clay modelling, providing children an atmosphere to think freely and to give their imagination definite shape. Here children feel free to put their imagination into reality which fills them with a sense of self confidence and novelty.